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Oh, hi. It’s come to my attention that absolutely nobody gives a flying fuck about existing dragons. No. Flight Rising is about living the dream, if “the dream” involves forcing giant monsters to do the business. Wildclaws are going away (for now?) on May 1st.

Would you like to win just about twenty fucking US dollars? Ah, I mean, a 2000 gem breed scroll? You’re in luck. It was my fucking birthday this month, and I’m in as benevolent a mood as I get. I’m gonna buy the winner a breed scroll for the new dragon species. So reblog my cranky ass bullshit and you could win twenty dollars. I mean 2000 gems. I mean whatever, fuckit.


cherrybaum, #35383!  Yay!

Heck, why not. Quicksilver, 20600!

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100 FOLLOWERS ??!! :DD

here’s how this is gonna go, darlin’s - y’all will reblog this post with your user name and number. On MAY THE FIRST I will close this giveaway and draw out three winners.

The first winner gets first pick of my (hopefully decent) three prizes. Then I contact the second winner, who picks from the remaining two prizes. The third winner gets the last prize!

Prize A ; STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (red/leaf/leaf female coatl)

Prize B ; 100 Gems for 100 Followers! who says no to free monies? :P

Prize C ; Holiday Havoc! (black ice f. tundra skin and a tricktrouper crown ;3)

That’s it! Good luck, lovelies ;3 Following makes me feel loved, but isn’t necessary towards winning this or anything <3 have fun!

goldylawks #38250 >;3333

these boys are for sale!! they’re absolutely beautiful I love their colors!! 

message me if you want one of em ;)


another flight rising commission 



it needed to happen

A+ this wins everyone can go home



Happy holidays, friends. Today my gf and I won an appropriately holiday-themed item so I thought in the spirit of the day I’d pass on some good feels with a giveaway of my own.

Reblog with your username to enter, you don’t have to be following (but if you aren’t you’re hella missing out) and I’ll draw names sometime after rollover or early tomorrow.

FIRST UP: 420 gems & some random junk*

NEXT PLACE: Your choice of treasure mp gene & random junk*

LASTLY: Idk, like a chest or something. Don’t put all this pressure on me man.

*random junk will probably have 420-related puns involved so be cool with that or whatever

Mary, #2888

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splurdged on some of my commission treasure and bought 3 beautiful imperials!!

platinum clown/ice seraph/maize underbelly

sky Iridescent/steel shimmer/splash crackle

midnight iridescent/midnight shimmer/black underbelly

I’m currently looking for a triple Caribbean, stonewash, ice, mulberry, seafoam, emerald, or crimson dragon breed doesn’t matter if they have coolio gene’s that would be preferred >;3

groans at all the commissions I still have 2 do




So, due to my addiction to the wonderful breed that is, if you could not tell, the Skydancer, I think it’d be pretty cool to see some of the Skydancers you guys have? all eighteen of you




here are mine c:

my babies!!!


sry for the dragon spam aaaa I got a ton of commissions still to do I guess you could always blacklsit flight rising or fr if you dont wanna see it on ur dash

this one was a pain in the ass to do :/




I accidentally two scarf
So I’m giving one away!

So reblog this with your username and ID and I’ll pick a winner later tonight :D

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