United we stand;
Divided we fall;

I’m never on this omg

so I’m out of lair space and I need these babies to go ASAP pleaaaaaaase help me sell these 18 babies auggghhh

click here for the babies they spread to the next page too 

3 new babies for sale!!!!

Primary Mulberry Clown
Secondary Sky Eye Spots
Tertiary Swamp Basic
Primary Midnight Clown
Secondary Splash Seraph
Tertiary Lemon Basic
Primary Mulberry Clown
Secondary Silver Eye Spots
Tertiary Sand Basic
The last dragon is a 1st gen
Primary Mulberry Basic
Secondary Azure Basic
Tertiary Obsidian Basic
if you want you can make an offer on him I’m not sure if anyone would want him tho! 
the babies for sale are 9999 each so ya!!! uvu


nother flight rising commission

I like doing these but damn, do they take awhile to do eue


this dragon took forever to do jesus christ all that apparel was a bitch to do


I have a ton of flight rising commissions to do so if you don’t wanna see them just blacklist flight rising or fr sorry!!! 

but yay!!! easy one to doooo!! I always thought of them like fat velociraptors 


nother commission on fr finished!


a fairly overdue commission for someone on flightrising eue”“”“

I need 2 b more active on here but IDK WHAT TO POST SOMETIMES EEEEEEEEEE

this was a commission I did for someone on fr WOOT







Oh, hi. It’s come to my attention that absolutely nobody gives a flying fuck about existing dragons. No. Flight Rising is about living the dream, if “the dream” involves forcing giant monsters to do the business. Wildclaws are going away (for now?) on May 1st.

Would you like to win just about twenty fucking US dollars? Ah, I mean, a 2000 gem breed scroll? You’re in luck. It was my fucking birthday this month, and I’m in as benevolent a mood as I get. I’m gonna buy the winner a breed scroll for the new dragon species. So reblog my cranky ass bullshit and you could win twenty dollars. I mean 2000 gems. I mean whatever, fuckit.


cherrybaum, #35383!  Yay!

Heck, why not. Quicksilver, 20600!

Skullflower #47182

Fishesnstuff 7804

Lonin #1365

Goldylawks #38250



100 FOLLOWERS ??!! :DD

here’s how this is gonna go, darlin’s - y’all will reblog this post with your user name and number. On MAY THE FIRST I will close this giveaway and draw out three winners.

The first winner gets first pick of my (hopefully decent) three prizes. Then I contact the second winner, who picks from the remaining two prizes. The third winner gets the last prize!

Prize A ; STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (red/leaf/leaf female coatl)

Prize B ; 100 Gems for 100 Followers! who says no to free monies? :P

Prize C ; Holiday Havoc! (black ice f. tundra skin and a tricktrouper crown ;3)

That’s it! Good luck, lovelies ;3 Following makes me feel loved, but isn’t necessary towards winning this or anything <3 have fun!

goldylawks #38250 >;3333